CCFA-WABEL China Summit

June 19-22 2018 in Shanghai
The CCFA-WABEL China Summit taking place on June 19-22 2018 in Shanghai and organised in partnership with the CCFA (China Chain Store & Franchise Association / 1000 retailers -340.000 stores).

WABEL works today with 320 large purchasing groups and helps buyers and category managers to identify suppliers on and schedule private meetings with them on the WABEL SUMMIT that we organize 7 times a year. The mission is to connect suppliers with matching purchasing groups globally to accelerate their exports across all sales channels: retail, online retail, food service, on-board catering for both brands and private labels.

This year, Wabel is focusing on retail (with the 75 largest Chinese retail chains that will attend), food service for the suppliers that have the capacity to work with those clients and a dedicated track for exporters that need to meet importers/ distributors. Over 75 supermarket chains and online giants come to find imported goods in Food & Beverage mainly. Wabel also start now to work with Food Service companies and key importers per category to enlarge the business opportunities for exporters.

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